Polythene Supplier

Hello Ktalkers

I’m looking for the main supplier of Polythene rolls za black.
Currently I’m buying from Msa at sh135 per kg.
But the guy is a distributor.He must be buying for sh120 or 125 per kg. Good price but the issue they have big rolls kama 20kg 22, least they can go is 18kg.

I’m in Malindi and i bought local at sh2200 per 15kg roll.
Which comes to sh146 per kg. Also good price. But he must be purchasing at sh 130 or 125 as well and he’s a dealer not supplier.

The thing i need is small rolls kama huyo ya 15kg but i want to purchase from direct source.
Will appreciate with contacts which are near my area. Nrbi is okay but transport itanichapa.
Any recommendations?

I know of a guy at river road, but transport cost makes the business redundant, heri ununue tu Mombasa

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How much does he sell for?

He’s a distributor, let me contact him for what you specified