Polycarp Igathe ako na nyota ya corporate jobs

Is this bahati, fruits of his own hardwork, patronage ama ako na nyota?


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This guy must be highly talented

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Jamaa roho safi sana pia…he frequents ashaki Ruiru na anarushianga mtu a few survival tricks bila wivu.

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Successful people attract success. Uzuri we know he’s not gay or a hamaphrodite so his succeess in genuine

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Alafu watu wakachagua mr.dimples smdh.
these polycarp type of guys are very poor in politics but are good managers,kibaki was such a person too.if it weren’t for Raila hiyo kiti hangeona.


How do you know? Ulimkatia akakataa


Sakaja was a protest vote by Luhyas for imposing Igathe on them over Wanyonyi. Yet another Azimio blunder that cost them at the ballot.

He is my personal friend … very honest man of honor

Actually He is… His Business Acumen is Top Notch… Alafu ako na Connections Zingine Fiti Sana…

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Hakuna talent.He moves around organisations where his late father Kirubi had interests

Chris Kirubi had a huge stake in Tiger Brands, so si ati he very talented.

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