Polyandry: Kenyan woman has two husbands

I don’t know if there’s already a thread about this story in today’s Daily Nation about a Kenyan woman, Rael Mukeku, who has two husbands.


Cliff Notes:

-Rael Mukeku, 35, has been married to two men, Muema Nguu (50) and Mutuku Muia (45) for 11 years now.
-She first married at the age of 10
-When she got married the 2nd time she already had 7 children
-Her husbands are loving and both cared for her when she was once ill.
-She took in her 2nd husband because the 1st was unable to fulfil her conjugal rights because he was sick
-The first husband and Rael’s mother accepted her decision to get a second husband
-The deal to marry a 2nd time was witnessed by a local elder and one of their adult sons
-The 1st husband did not wish her to sire children with the 2nd husband but she went ahead and did so
-the 2nd husband is always at home but the 1st only comes home about twice a month, but they get along if present in the home together

There was a similar story


I understand there some places in India that you find one woman has married like 4 bros. The reason being that indians have such a high preference for boys being born that they would abort a fetus if its gonna be a girl. Result is that there are now too few women to go around for the amount of men.

These days its illegal over there for a doctor to scan the fetus in the womb and tell you the kids sex

and she looks 25 years older than her real age… by the way, assuming they both hit it same night, how do they decide who starts (and obviously cums inside that night)?

She got married at the age of 10, had 11 children, is poor and abused alcohol. That could really age someone.

So her first husband was 25 years old when he married her at 10 years old.10. sad sad life. she deserves a little happiness in this world. if she finds it in her second husband then good for her.