Poll: TrumanCapote and Fair Usage

@Electronics4u @administrator

@TrumanCapote is posting up to 16 threads consecutively on the same forum without due regard to other forum users. All the said threads are loosely based on one topic and can be merged into one.

I humbly propose that TrumanCapote be banned from Kenyatalk because she’s an inconvenience to other users.

Ktalk should also put in place a Fair Usage Policy so that a member can only post a maximum number of threads per forum within a given timeframe.

It’s tedious accessing other threads if TrumanCapote’s threads fill the whole screen.

I second,third,fourth and fifth.Hii nyanya @TrumanCapote is forcing gey content down talkers throats with upto 10 back to back posts banae,@administrator @Electronics4u fanyeni kitu banae.

Naskia @TrumanCapote alitupa used Tampons kwa gate ya @Thirimaii and no @administrator is saying anything about it.

:D:D:D@Thirimaii itabidi uende sprituall healing naskianga periods za nyanya mze zinakuwanga conc.

Saa zingine miushuku @TrumanCapote = @administrator .Kazi ni ku troll ndio a drive traffic na engagements

Hamjui mahali ignore button iko? The only villager nimeblock ni hikyo kimama

wapi elder,drop pin nayo nayo

Why not block her?

At this rate tuseme tu hii forum ni ya wanaume. Alafu during registration lazima utumie admin dick pic ndio akuverify

Cute boy association chairman kindly speak for yourself. Vitu mlifanya na admin which led to mkia kubomolewa sisi hatutaki kujua

Feelings, feelings, feelings.

If I were to start blocking I would block over 200 people so I choose not to.

Blocking is immature, it’s better to confront someone head on.

We don’t block sewerage rats, we deal them as we see fit.

Personally, I can’t stand the bitch but I would not like her off the platform. Do not ban her. Wacha abaki huku tumnyanyase.
Besides, the wall is fast approaching. She’ll be cold product in a couple of months.

just ignore the old lady.

But her threads rarely get more than 2 replies. Most of the time ni zero.

we are her family, abaki.

After seeing the comment about talkers being her only family Enigma anaona abaki.

Kapodi, mkamba mjinga illiterate @PHARMACY, @Aka mpole, @captain obvious , @ patco, ni handles za admin, don’t waste your time on them

Banning her is too much even if the heifer is insufferable