poll service providers

Is the punani of a 3000 per shot and above whore necessarily better than a low end whore costing 300 per shot

Mainly differentiation through marketing tactics (4Ps). Coca cola in a kioak vs a 5 star hotel.

puthy ni puthy lakini 300 is likely to be less hygienic compared a 3k puthy kwa massage parlour (not tagged puthy , iyo inafaa mia)

Someone charging 300 sleeps with anything and everything. Parking boys, convicts, watchmen, truck drivers, mzee wa madebe. Have you ever heard of Herpes.

Normal puthy costs between 1k-1500. Peasant puthy, mostly hawked and always downtrodden. Literally and also overused and unhygienic goes for between 100-300. Now this puthy ya 3k and above sijui ina nini. Unless it is accompanied by professional massage.

That’s the purpose of a massage parlour , a professional massage na rungu ing’are ,