Polka County Sherriff Grady Judd

This is the kind of police boss we need not Muti ya Bhai and Owino . I’ve followed 3 cases in his county and as a true crime aficionado I give him props.


I see you have a taste for the criminal mind my virtual vixen

It’s good work but US doesn’t revolve around personalities. If you listen carefully, it’s his officers who did all the work. If you see the charge sheet of Nigerian Hushpapi, you realize it’s just a couple of officers running the show. And some of the charges will be dropped. Everything works as an institute. Many times the head is a nuisance.

It’s individual police officers ( part of a technocracy) executing duties from bumper to bumper that exemplify police work.
Some counties have one Or two police officers on staff. Can you imagine. Doing enforcement, prosecutions, emergency disturbance calls, etc.

Doesn’t look like they get the best treatment though…


I see a future in politics for this sherriff …