politics,poritics every where

These days it’s impossible to have meaningful economically important conversation like sportpesa,which female presenter has the largest butt or bouncy boobs,or what we would do if a ktalk millionaire drops his brief case full of cash before some ninja interjects with mambo ya waiguru,Eurobond nyef nyef
Pls guys ,sirkal have organs ,bodies and institutions to deal with any vice.let them do their job!there is nothing you and him can do about it.

For those who nyef nyef about Eurobond I have a formulae you can use at your convenience to determine if sirkal embezzled money without disturbing us with your daily anal-asis
x is the amount borrowed
y is the money used to build “infrastructure”
0 is the amount people of interests ate
For egzample,10-6
See books are balanced! therefor no money was lost.
The same formula can be used in the nys theft probe.

clever. but you see Sarah cannot allow you to forget that it is only communities A and B that are stealing your resources, real and imagined; only the two communities’ businesses deal dishonestly and would collapse without political patronage and kenya would only be better if the two communities were driven into the indian ocean or the bermuda triangle. you see, kenya would be the planet’s first world without the communities’ shapeless women and their bloodthirsty thieving men and women who will treacherously throw you under the bus to save their own necks and bleached faces…we cannot dare let you forget since you don’t think for yourself…


Who is Sarah?

Ata mimi sijui bt he keeps mentioning “her”
Maybe ni sara elderkin Babas media chief propagandist?
You know we are programmed to be allergic to whatever they say whether it’s true or false



In Kenya, a mention of the ills committed by the sitting regime is always taken as a subtle attack on the community that the regime leader comes from. Never expect anything better from Kenyans.


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We are used to referring to her as Wanjiku. Raundi hii mambo ni Uber read Sarah

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