Politicians who should retire their spurs

Anyang’ Nyong’o is turning out to be a major embarrassment.

1a. [SIZE=4]ODM declares Nyong’o winner of Kisumu governor ticket
1b. ODM nullifies Nyong’o nomination certificate

  1. “THAT politics is gruelling (sic) is no secret. Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o (pictured) has a story to tell. We are told the good old politician fell asleep in the middle of an interview recently in Kisumu. Nyong’o had enjoyed a heavy meal of ugali that is thought to have contributed to him ‘blacking out’.”

Enuff sed.[/SIZE]


Kamanda pia akwende

Give Nyong’o a break. Si ni yule jamaa alifight CANCER a few years back akawin. Makofi tafadhali chameni kwa Nyong’o.

Lucnh 2500 inafanya ang’orote?

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He was the health minister, but had to go abroad for treatment. Very poor image


Does beating cancer come with the right to screw the opponent’s voters upside down un-lubed at midnight?

Sikutaja HKM but kudoze. Hata mimi I cried when Jaguar cried.