Politicians always start with a bang, but one year later, are still the same crooks on recycle

Remember Kideros’ beginning Nairobi Governor by firing 8 corrupt officers. Mike Sonko sijui saving 30m on his first month.

Sasa Simba Arati forfeits 57m set aside for his inauguration, yet doctors haven’t been paid in two months in Kisii.

Anyway let’s give him the benefit. If you don’t see any changes in 3 months, ni wale wale. But if he sustains, he has a good shot at Presidency in 20…?


Arati ni a true and proper jambas. Wakisii watafinywa sagwasagwa over the next five years. By the fourth year watakua wakiwika na soprano “yaa mogaka gaki tiga…obee, tiga mogaka.”

I’m, Arati is one of the few politicos who can inherit Baba’s constituency and give arror a run for his money.
Wacha aibie wakisii ndio apate pesa ya campaign 2032.

Mjaluo anaweza kubali kuongozwa na mkisii kweli?

Hao wameshindwa kujiongoza. Sioni kabila ingine ikiaja pigia mjaluo Kura ya orezo.

Voter turnout in Luo Nyanza will be 18%.

Good thing is Arati actually works for the people. He’s always there on the ground working for mwananchi…I was really impressed with how he represented his Dago people…esp the use of cdf. Arama is another one…a crook who actually works…they are very different from someone like sonko who specialises in publicity.

It would be logical.

If you tried 5 times to get something in vain, you too would loose interest in that thing. Expect voter apathy to kita mizizi huko vibaya.

Uzuri wataroga yeye akiwapeleka mbaya saidi

leo kila mtu amepewa mkate na soda kisii stadium wanapenda yeye sana.

KES 57m! Our priorities are so fcuked up!