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Any MP with half a brain and an eye to the presidency should seize this chance. With baba emasculated/castrated to size, there is still no formidable opponent for DP Ruto in 2022. In my opinion, a leader from Meru should emerge because Kikuyu’s would automatically vote for him. I am a Kikuyu so I know that I would rather vote for a Meru president than DP willy, no hard feelings. It was a 50/50 government so we dont owe Kalenjins anything.

Write your reply…Hiyo ni yako. WSR IN 2022 ndanindani,

If there is a Meru/Embu candidate, count me out. Elections are over, no need to act nice. We dont owe anyone anything in a 50/50 government. However, kama ni Rao heri Ruto sasa

Uncle Ruto tunampatia hata akikataa…

As it is, power is shared on a 50/50 basis, between Kikuyu’s and Kalenjins. Kikuyu’s are more so they got the presidency. As far as I am concerned, we dont owe Kales anything if power was shared on a 50/50 basis. This agreement ends in 2022. I can’t guarantee uncle Willy my vote. He has already benefitted from it for 10 years. Unless his running mate is a shiny eye in a 50/50 partnership like the present one. Ruto should not expect FREE votes from Mt. Kenya. The same way Uhuru didn’t get FREE votes in the RIFT valley. He had to share power.

Have no worries we had the kityo movement in 2013. We are only talking about 2027.

am a kikuyu i will vote for ruto mpaka 2027

With today’s happening, Ruto is 85% ndani ya State House in 2022…hio line-up yako ya Meru/Embu ebu mujaribu in 2027, my friend

In my opinion, Kales have been great business partners so far, and in 2022, we will be even. That means we dont owe them and they dont owe us. If uncle Willy vies for presidency, he better be prepared to have a GEMA VP otherwise he can forget about our votes. The VP can be Kikuyu, Embu or Meru. We are okay with that, otherwise ajipange. We dont owe him anything.

ni uncle Williams, na si negotiable

am from the coast, siasa nami ni kama maji na mafuta …am just a watcher

Ruto Two Term President RTTP

I am a central voter and Ruto better be prepared to share power to be president. Hakuna cha bure. Uhuru had to share power to become president, it wasn’t free.

Ruto Two Term President RTTP

Sawa Ngunjiri Wambugu, you’ve made your point.

I know your type. You are afraid to tell Kaalenjins the truth, but I will for the sake of you cowards. They scratch our backs, we scratch theirs. There are no free rides. They want a president, fine. But it is not free. We had to pay by sharing power, so do they.

I was in Nyeri Town and people turned on him so quickly mpaka he is shocked. Anaitwa twitter Mp.

DP Uncle Ruto alimaliza hii debate in Bomet recently. Former President Kibaki and President Uhuru faced may leaders from the same community and still won. He welcomes competition from all over because he is capable and ready.

This same question will be asked by different handles for the next few years. Results ni ile ile.

I am ready to vote for Ruto if he will share power. There are no free rides. If he doesn’t choose a GEMA VP, no way he is getting my vote.

It’s not about scratching their backs, I’m voting for Uncle Ruto because he has exhibited qualities of being a good leader.

Na hii siasa ya ukabila tuwache, imeandikwa wapi ati Mkikuyu/GEMA lazima akuwe president or DP? Whoever he sees fit to be his running mate will be ok with me.

That is your opinion. You have every right to air it. Mine is different