Political Prophecy for the Nation of Kenya

This was August/September


Then Crossover Night


I have been watching the prophecies of this man for many years now. That is why am not surprised what I see in the newspapers these days.

This is the true prophecy. Wasshana na hizo zenu.

How about this?


Had he made such prophecies in early 2018 I wouldn’t be skeptical. But it’s easy to predict betrayal by 2019

Kwanini political prophecy huwa nimob lakini…prophecy ya where we can mine minerals??? That would save us a lot…hizi prophecy huwa nikama unaambiwa your child will be either boy or a girl… 50/50 probability.

Hizo prophecy hunishangaza Sana

We had so many about uhuru

Now people who told us God had chosen uhuru don’t want the same uhuru

Because he broke the covenant with his deputy, mwanaume ni kurudisha mkono bana

Upuzi thread ATI political prophecy. Hii huwa kumanipulate the foolish bonobos subconscious.

An immoral and adulterous generation is always looking for prophecies and signs.

Umaskini imekufanya hadi siku hizi Umekua pasta? Avoid quoting scripture out of context naniii.

Amen. From the day the two went to the Hague and became a team, I saw God’s hand in the matter. The popularity this man has gained isn’t natural. Many of us were against him but slowly things are changing. Let God’s will be done.

This was around April 2019…about Iran and US.


Was this a prophecy about the handshake? It was before the second election of the 2017. Check it out and be the judge. @TrumanCapote check this out


Say no to illuminati inform of prophecy.

@ranny I just found this, that was done in early(Feb) 2019. Locusts