Political genius: Ouru playing everybody

He has blocked Ruto from going anywhere outside the country.
Has silenced and intimidated all allies of Ruto.
Has taken Raira in circles with regard to BBI. Raira is now confused about his political career.
Has isolated Kalonzo and Mudavadi from NASA and ensured they stand on their own far from Raira.
Sponsoring coast politicians to form independent party

I find it funny how Ruto and Uhuru supporters pronounce their every move as master strokes. At this point they could fart and be called geniuses.

They are idiots who lay all their cards on the table and it’s quite easy to read their next move and devise plans on how to counter them

Its not funny…ata kidogo
The way idiots seem to think that its Uhurus political opponents that are being played while its actually 45M Kenyans that are being fcuked

It is just a matter of time before the enemies learn that Uhuru is playing them. That is when they will gang up not because they like each other or share similar ideals but rather to dismantle the Kenyattas.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Raira Anachezwa. Ruto alikataa kuchezwa. Raira cannot handle leadership of a state. He has been elected as president at least twice but hyenas take advantage of his weaknesses and maul him. He is inept at applying political power and only a fool would follow him only to be sold for pennies.

Politicians are making a killing (billions) on the backs of Kenyans and you think one is playing the other? They’re already at the dinner table helping themselves to their biggest servings, while ordinary Kenyans… well, we all know how all that goes. Funny thing is, the ones who are truly getting played (ordinary Kenyans) are the ones championing these gourmands. I don’t see how someone’s getting played when they’re already winning.

He should now finya Ruto proper paka aombe msamaha…

Mlevi is a Political genius:D

Ordinary kenyans wakule ujeuri wao, I don’t understand why you choose to defend people who can’t vote, protest or defend themselves when they’re suffering, jitaftie mwenyewe or you’ll suffer alone defending the undefendable

Just because someone is ignorant does not mean it’s okay to take advantage of them.

that’s the law of the jungle, all animals evolved to take advantage of weakness, it’s wishful thinking on your part to deny it, and everyone does it, not just politicians, the makanga will take advantage of you by hiking fare when it’s raining, just like your pastor takes advantage of you when unatoa sadaka ya kujenga church and the butcher akikuuzia nyama ya siku tatu yenye imetiwa sodium benzoate, the best strategy according to game theory, is to look after yourself by doing the same, even the supposed heros you might look up to to defend the ‘innocent’ are usually looking after themselves