Political Economy of Violence

Hey guys how’s yo 2020? Good ehh? Thanks.
I’m doing a project here but I have trouble explaining this term to a layman’s level. Anybody here willing to do it for me will be of great help. Yes please just explain it in simple terms. Thank you.

It would have done better if you’d had given details onto what exactly we would be explaining.

Explain what the phrase Political Economy of Violence refers to. Thank you.

I bet you meant WAR not Violence…
a word of advice, avoid the case of Kenya…use DRC, south Sudan or even Uganda…simply highlight how warlords/ politicians and arms dealers have economically benefitted from either inter state or intrastate wars. There is a reason why kony has never been captured in northern uganda…there is a reason why Somali war ain’t ending any time soon…smuggling in DRC is very lucrative…people are benefiting economically from these wars. if you go to Afghanistan you will find a booming opium trade.
Another way of looking at it is how wars costs the economy of either the whole country or the local communities. A lot of economic activities are usually affected by war…this can easily be quantified.
so you are basically going to look at both the motivations/ causes of war and the consequences…both in economic terms

ebu elezea mbona umetoa kenya kwa io explanation?

Violence ya kenya ni jakom pekee hu benefit

Kenyan cases tend to take a tribal angle thus not easy to draw a proper economic motivation…its easy to come up with consequences, but very difficult to pinpoint causes. …you will end up mentioning land, colonialism, Raila, democracy etc…not easy for a masters project

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Sana sana… you will end up mentioning Raila

Btw mtu anitumie PDF ya hii book

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