Polite reminder

Africans are still bonobos.
It’s sixty years since the colonists left but we are still being bedeviled by poverty, ignorance and diseases.
Our towns and cities are totally disorganized and lacking in basic amenities.
Our agriculture is still subsistence.
Our education system is rote learning of facts.
Our leaders are thieves.
Our religious bodies exploit us instead of giving hope.
We still dream of going to the developed countries instead of developing our own to match.
Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.
May you enjoy your Saturday.
(I miss Shaky Leggy on Sato’s with Tony Msalame on Metro FM.)

Can you please log out of ktalk for one day you give us a break. Shugulikia familia.

Niaje Kung’u?

Sema Wariahe, bado unakamua ngamia?

sai ungekuwa out there ukishughulikia one of the above hojas, kama umeuma nyasi, like a true bonobo, .

…but here you are typing away and not even harnessing the energy of the tropical sun by accumulating some Vitamin D…

Nîatîa Kanuthu?

unataka amalizane na ngamia aanzane na wewe shoga hii?

Tusikazoeane, just sell your cow anuses bila kusumbua.

Hahahaha. Ati cow ang’owa?