Polite Laptop Thief. Ni Kubaya Wazeiya!!

Amenfanya Kasi Buana


@Johntezz addi gaza msafi ulienda training ya pr

Kabla kush akue na futhi

After theft service

How does this phrase apply when those people are obviously South Africans? Yet another useless thread from Ndindu the Bonobo.

That’s a good thief, honestly. Willing to send back important data.

Unaponga ju ya Futhi za @kushl23 ama @KushPeet21 all in all this is too gày

Ramaphosa amenfanya Kasi buana. Are you happy now?

Extremely low IQ bonobo known as @Ndindu clout chasing

Eat my nuts motherfvcker

Weka the whole story.the guy was tricked into buying his laptop back only for him to be beaten up like a burukenege on the day of the barter trade

Akitumia sweet talk atashika hii mwizi.

Foolish thief.
It’s probably someone he knows, a friend or a family member

Extremely low IQ bonobo known as @Ndindu does not get the whole story

apparently the guy bought back his laptop later. I know having lost phones i’d rather just buy back the phone I had