Polisi Wamekataa Kutolewa Nyama Kwa Mdomo



This should be the norm even after the lockdowns with exception of Friday and Saturday.
You cannot build a nation with drunkards and alcoholics!

What you forget kwa bars sio pombe pekee that drives the economy;

  1. Cattle rustlers - Nyam Chom, Mutura and Others.
  2. Farmers - Boilo na kapilili kwa umbali.
  3. Marayas - Kuosha Rungu na macho,
  4. Hawkers - Clubs Outskirts of Nairobi.
  5. Employment - Waitress/Waiters/Butchers/Watchmen/Car Wash
  6. Boda bodas and Uber.
  7. Mpesa shops and banks.
  8. Money Circulation…the list is endless.

Hotel and Entertainment industry is a GDP on its own!

Mbwa koko

This issue was solved ages ago, depends on who u wonna believe, The D+ material or the CS’s


Bar owners hupitia some shit, is the money worth it?

Shukuru saa hii uko na halaiki ya kupiga ngeta mida ya saa saba usiku

kufaa nugu

For any economy to grow, the “Strength of a nation philosophy” has to be observed.
The biggest immidiate loser is the children and family (no need to elaborate as this self explanatory)
Hao maraya wameenda dijito sikuhizi…so this synopsis does not hold worra.
Si mnajidai mmepata fRy-over.? you are aware now that these flyovers spell a grim future for those ugly nduthi and hawkers? You think basic you get basic results. That is why you heard some busy bodies complaining about their trucking biz going under.
Kenyas economy is transforming at an alarming rate, the achilles-heel is education and a pedestrian mindset.

What are you saying? What is your point?