Polisi Wa Kenya Ni Majambazi: Heri Kauzi Kuliko Polisi Wa Kenya

A police vehicle that was missing from a government yard has today been found in Mwingi, Kitui County. The officer is being held for further questioning with reports indicating a search for possible accomplices has been activated.

The Toyota Land Cruiser pick up, GKA 024V had been parked at the police yard in Nairobi since October 4, 2019.


He Loves LandCruisers since this is not his first stolen LC.


Wezi na wakora

Since the scrapping of alcoblow, police are harassing every motorist looking for bribe. Ukiwa na makosa kidogo hakuna kusamehea.

Looks like my former boss who is also a luhya :smiley:

Waluhya ni wezi pia?