Policeman in custody for transporting business goods using police truck

Following a tip-off, a joint team of officers from Kenya Forest Service Kitale sub-base led by Sergeant Muyei and police officers from Kitale police station along the Kapenguria-Kitale road impounded a police truck registration number GKB 813T make Isuzu FTS.

According to a statement seen by K24 Digital, the police vehicle belonged to Turkana North sub-county and was driven by police constable Gilbert Mbilivili No.91162 PC/ was headed to Kitale CMC garage for normal routine service check.

However, upon a thorough search of the truck the police were able to conceal seven bags of charcoal and 165 bags of aloe vera estimated to weigh about 5000kgs which is believed to have been on transit to Nairobi.

The owner of the consignment, Jelal Musa, who is a resident of Umoja in Nairobi County was on board the same truck and was immediately arrested for lack of necessary documentation.

The motor vehicle was towed to Kitale police station where it has been detained with the driver being placed in custody with necessary action set to be taken against him.


Conceal or find?

“Moses” alikataa na lunch kidogo

Hii ni utiaji tu. Kuna mtu alikosa kukula

Utiaji while tax payers are the one losing. We fuel those car so that the will respond in hour of need. Hiyo pamba ifutwe kazi.

However, upon a [COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]thorough search of the truck the police were able to conceal seven bags of charcoal and 165 bags of aloe vera estimated to weigh about 5000kgs

Ati a thorough search of 7 bags of charcoal + 165 bags of 5000kgs aloe vera just in a lorry.

Nani ako na hii form ya Aloe vere tunukishe. Huku zimejaa.

Vehicle didn’t veer off the prescribed route, hapa sioni problem

fira hiyo taxpayers yako

kuna mzee msomali wa wajir huwa anaichemsha pale plesian… past churo, turn left then teremka kabisa near the hills separating samburu and pokot… samilia yeye kabisa

Will check him out … Naelawa hio area vizuri. Nitasalamia yeye kabisa. Hizi vitu wanatumia kufanya nini. Na nimepata Kuna machine Ile manual ya kukamua hiyo juice yake hapa kwa farm. Inkaa Kuna mtu kabla mimi alikuwa ananukisha na Aloe hapa

Ever since we designated @digi and @Micymas as among the.most respected, quoted and referenced journalists, we have to make do with such rubbish. The story fails because of:-
[li]It is not necessary to thoroughly search a lorry in the circumstances above,[/li][li]It is not criminal per se to be aboard a police vehicle,[/li][li]It was not necessary to tow a perfectly running lorry to the station [/li][/ul]
For a “journalist” to find it necessary to appraise us of the above facts buttresses the long held notion that journalism should be taught and taken as a unit in other degree programmes.

Kwani aloe vera iko na pesa. Na vyenye kijiji zimejaa kama weeds

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