PoliceActivity Release Full Bodycam Footage of George Floyd Arrest



plis tell me wamechoma hio store at least?

Take someone’s life because of a 20$ dollar counterfeit bill? Just too sad to watch!

This angle makes it really sad. There is nothing George Floyd could have done with his hands handcuffed like that. Real painful to watch.

That store should have been razed to the ground



George Floyd’s murder was not racially motivated.Black privilege is on full swing,I.e a criminal can resist arrest and cop orders if you want.The police have a hard time handling arrest situations everytime it makes it worse when you are a hardhead. The police fear for their own lives too when you act weird you risk many lives.There may be racially motivated killings but most of the examples in media are not that.


Well folks are stocking on guns,if you are in america(unsafe zones) get yours(legally) and stay safe.