Police step in to stop residents from siphoning fuel from overturned tanker in Nakuru.

Police officers in Nakuru town on Monday, August 12 had a difficult time to save locals from imminent danger as the jerrican-wielding residents rushed to siphon fuel from an overturned tanker. The officers had to swiftly close the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway following the incident that happened near Stem Hotel where the fuel had spilled on the road. Decision to close the road was due to the spillage and to avoid loss of lives in the event a fire broke out.

Nakuru East OCPD Rose Kabukuru directed motorists to use alternative routes for along the busy highway. Motorist have been advised to use the old Nairobi road or pass through Free Area to join the highway at the Elementaita/Pipeline Junction Kabukuru warned residents against any attempt of siphoning the fuel. This comes barely two days after over 60 people died following a huge fire in Morogoro, Tanzania as they struggled to siphon fuel from a tanker before it blew into flames. Memories are also still fresh from another similar incident at Sachangwan along the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway where many people died as they siphoned fuel from a tanker.

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