Police say, bar should close by 7pm.


fake news!

Boss click on the link. This are 2 different tweets.

This is from NPS twitter handle. Check again.



fake news takataka

Wa Ingoo…

Mimi kama deep state I told you much earlier that bars are to close at 7pm. Bars and curfew are two different things.

Mbona mnataka kukasarisha @Sokwe mtu hivyo?

@Sokwe mtu kwani huyu gathecha mjinga hapendi walevi ama shida yake ni gani haswa?

sema mkubwa


The fuckers can’t believe that they’ll no longer be extorting money from bar owners.

We have said very clearly here that Uhuru kinyasa intends to kill the existing alcohol manufacturers in Kenya and bring in his own brewery. The whole idea behind the curfew and closure of bars has always been motivated by a very sinister intention to finish the industry.

Sales do not have to be in bars Shifo

Where are more onions sold?
Where is more learning done?