Police Respond To ‘Mass Shooting’ In Florida Mall

[SIZE=7][SIZE=7]Police Respond To ‘Mass Shooting’ [/SIZE]At Jacksonville Landing In Florida[/SIZE]
We can’t stress enough to stay away,” tweeted the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

By Hayley Miller
08/26/2018 02:19 PM ET
Updated 5 minutes ago

Police in Jacksonville, Florida, are responding to a “mass shooting” at the Jacksonville Landing shopping mall, according to officials.



Police did not immediately confirm whether people had been injured or killed in the shooting. Local media reported heavy police and emergency response presence at the scene.


Early reports indicate the shooting took place during a video game event at GLFH Game Bar next to Chicago Pizza in Jacksonville Landing. American eSports organizations tweeted that the shooting occurred during the southern qualifier round of the Madden NFL 19 championship series, a football video game tournament.

CompLexity Gaming, which represents player Drini Gjoka, tweeted that he had been “grazed in the hand” during the shooting.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Always Florida. They need to review their gun laws

live by the gun die by the gun

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people

Guns make it easy to kill people without putting much effort or thought into it.

@Purple will insist it is Obama’s fault


Florida is full of retards…everything bad in US starts in the penis state.

read the history of U.S gun laws then you’d understand why itwill never come into action.Muricans and violence are kith and kin

Thank Buddha he isnt am immigrant, black person nor Muslim. He is the usual white people.

Another video game fatality. These games are incredibly realistic and you feel like you’re actually in the field of play. Give it to a half-baked meth-head and you have a recipe for disaster (assumptions made).

Question is: how did he get into the venue with a gun? That’s like letting a sore guy saunter into Caesar’s Palace with a loaded weapon!


David Katz, 24, was apparently in Jacksonville from Baltimore for the tournament, officials said. He was also found dead at the scene.

His car has been located and impounded, officials said. They believe he stayed in the area overnight for the “Madden NFL 19” video game tournament. The games maker, EA Sports, lists a David Katz as a 2017 championship winner.

Officials have asked anyone with information on where Katz stayed to contact them.
Nine people suffered non-fatal gunshot wounds when Katz allegedly opened fire at the mall around 1:30 p.m. Police have not yet released any identifying information about the victims.

FBI and ATF officials are on scene investigating in Baltimore.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


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Let us wait for @patco’s 10 mitigating Youtube videos and diversionary articles.

hehe the media everywhere is an asshole. Period. They will cover this shooting with such bravado so much keenness because an innocent has been shot especially a white innocent but ignore completely the more insane gangster on gangster violence in the slums of America! Ati the public don’t care much for animals killing each other…

More kids die in those slums than in Syria or Iraq. The same mass murders happens all over South America, in Brazil… with very little reaction from the media.

If the U.S. Jewish owned media told stories as they are abd with gusto to force govt. hand, probably consecutive American govts. would have felt the need to eradicate gun violence everywhere much earlier before the violence came trooping to their white door steps!

Now the violence is in the white surbabs its too late Mr. Reagan, Bush, Obama, Nixon, Carter and all those mofos from yester years. You didn’t do enough for the black or brown babies and now the white babies are also dying!

Similarly here in Kenya you have the media that doesn’t care much when Pamba and his boys open up heads in Mathare. The media doesn’t care much about mob justice.

They don’t push the govts. hand to react. Uhuru justand past regimes just push under the carpet this silent murder of youths starting way back with the Mungiki in nusu mkate.

Sasa watapiga makelele violence ikiingia Runda na Muthaiga. When the Kenyan ‘white’ babies finally get affected. When it’s too late.

Zamani bhangi was scary. Today even in the surbabs the babys are injecting snorting. The kids in the slums now have pistols. What’s to stop them from getting assault rifles?

Why wait when you can nip it in the bud early enough?

Let the Africans in the american ghettos do what Africans do everywhere and kill each other.
Why is it the white mans problem?

Because The (white) Man owns the private prisons that they get sent to. Profit.

Culmulatively.The number of casualties killed by mass shooters is lower than the number of people shot in Chicago last weekend.
I need to point out Chicago has strict gun laws and Illinois has gun laws whose strictness is only exceeded by that of California.
Meanwhile Kennesaw,Georgia where gun ownership was made compulsory (This was not enforced btw,but it sent the message)had 2 murders in 2017.
Thing is.
The US passed the stage where one can disarm the population in the 1930s. And DC vs Heller reinforced the individual right to own a gun
The option now is universal gun ownership.
Common sense is that you cannot shoot up a place where you will be shredded to pieces after the first shot.
Notice how even in Red states virtually all the shootings happen in cities which vote Democrat and put in place strict gun laws.
Heck there is a reason why El Paso which is actually close to the Mexico border is ironically one of America’s safest cities.
And why you can never shoot up a place in North Texas and Eastern New Mexico(They shoot,shoot then shoot again .Then ask questions).
If a shooting happens in New York,residents have virtually nothing to defend themselves with.
There is a reason why shooters in places like East Texas and Kentucky almost never leave alive.

Jim Carrey tried to satirize the American Gun issue/debate with this funny or die song



How many people were killed in Chicago last weekend?

It didn’t stop mass shootings in Las Vegas and Florida

Bandika data hapa and prove your point
Crime is predominantly higher around cities, it has nothing to do with politics, chances are that mass shooters are more likely to be right wing than so called liberals. Again the data does not lie, shootings happen in virtually every state irrespective of political leaning.

There are much safer cities across the USA than El Paso without gun totting residents

New York is one of the safest cities in the world relatively speaking for its size. Can you name the incidents where shooters were killed by armed civilians in those two locations?

72 people were shot with 13 dead.