Police Recruitment

Those going to try their luck may wanna have a look at this:

TODAY’S police recruitment will stick to the age-old tradition of locking out candidates with missing or discoloured teeth, squint eyes, narrow chests and flat feet.

National Police Service recruitment officers have been directed to reject all candidates with the above features, as they are “unfit for service”.

Yesterday, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett, who spoke to the Star on the phone, said the recruiters will be looking for all qualities as stated in the advertisement of April 13.

“The requirements are as advertised. Nothing short of that," Boinett said.

He however did not explain the logic behind candidates with flat feet, missing and discoloured teeth being locked out of the Service.

A senior officer who will be part of the recruitment team today explained that candidates with missing and discoloured teeth are assumed to have weak bones and will have challenges during training.


alafu uingie job…ukuwe mlevi wa kupindukia meno iishe…like some cops i see here …you pity the guy ukiona amebeba g3 kama iko 50kgs

G3 NI 50KG?

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I thought they checked the teeth because Officers use their teeth to bite and apprehend criminals when they run out of bullets…Some rules dont make sense at all.

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…and pot-bellied fellows like kapunda.

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That criteria is just too outdated. So, a highly talented disabled person cannot even be selected for a desk job?

Hehe, kwetu Nairobi hakuna fluoride

sijui…ni vile it looks too heavy for some of them.

If they are using quota system to pick recruits I would advice applicants from competitive zones to try their luck in Naivasha. Their chances are higher there

I remember kuna my brother aliambiwa ati mguu yake inakaa kama ya bata.


I find those requirements discriminative however hio ya flat foot the reason is that boot huchimbua mguu hence difficulties during training

Hebu elaborate kidogo. What do you mean by ‘kuchimbua’ miguu?

The whole underside of the foot yaani wayo develops blisters and when they burst makes wearing boots out of the question remember our boots are the black ones not confortable ones like those of the british

Nani ametoa comment yangu between you pair of clowns?
Get a sense of humor you dozy moderators.

Haiya! Didn’t know that. A long time ago I’d heard it said that the so-called miguu bata were not taken because they’d not be able to tiptoe if need arose.

Ulikuwa umesema nini?

I just pictured a miguu bata tiptoeing:D:D:D:D:D


Its obviously you. That is a very unwise move on your part i have to say.Sijawai pigwa mstari at KList where i resided for 10 years so it says alot about you.
Feel free to delete this one as well.

Tulia Buda, there must be a reason why the comment was removed.