Police officer lynched

A police officer was lynched and two
others wounded in a botched robbery in
Kamulu area, Nairobi.
It is alleged that the officers had gone to
steal from a homestead on Monday
night when an alarm was raised,
alerting a mob that killed one, injured
two others while the rest escaped on
Kayole OCPD Ali Nuno said, “the officers
were not on duty and we suspect they
had gone to commit crime”.
“They were not in uniform and had no
identification”, Nuno said.
Those injured are being treated at
Mama Lucy hospital.
Nuno said investigations are ongoing. i hope ni yule alipiga civilian to death

Ata kwa title unafaa unaeka your post into context nimedhani ni story za IEBC… Choma mwizi lakini iwe raia ama polisi

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@pamba say present?


pamba should we open an condolence book right now right here? if no then sema present


@pamba confirm uko

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Aaiii @pamba si utoklesee

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ULISOMA KISWAHILI WAPI NGOMBE HII ? hapo kwa hio sentence essence ya LAKINI ni nini ?

A third of the crimes in Kenya are committed by the police according to statistics.

naku, @pamba ii, wi o vaa?

Don think so…but ,JJ rituals just started.

kumbe ni ma-askari wanatuibia…?

hata kasketch?

Bull fighter tulia, after lakini nilisahau comma

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