Police is searching for the head of the lady dismembered in Air bnb today private part also missing

Are this ritual sacrifices or why dismember someone then carry away the head? If I tell you nowadays you are not safe as a woman and you should be very very very careful who you even greet bcz these killings are just demonic and you can be confused and follow a man like a zombie to a secluded area. Ladies please let us be very careful coz even the first victim this year I still believe that she was buboozled to follow that wretched man to the room.

It’s njugu time!! Money matters, no time to waste on broke niggerrs

Wtf happened this time?

Air bnb owner was called bcz blood was coming from her room and btw it’s also a lady owner. Cops came to find a headless corpse with limbs dismembered and her torso all in different black paper bags.Finger print yet to confirm her identity juu hana kichwa.