Police car stolen by rioting Meru tech students.Wale Mang'a


:D:D Wameru

@maizeroaster revolution inanukia :D:D

They should drive it over a cliff.

Jinga zinachochwa alafu later wakifinya gwadu wata imba kama kasuku…

Ule aliiba hiyo gari atorokee Uganda. Atatafutwa hadi mortuary.

Wameru hapana tambua police. Remember the time that they killed cops mercilessly mob justice?

Coward of Juja tutigithie ngooma

It’s a Police SERVICE nowadays, there was a time, it was a POLICE FORCE.

If not provoking the police is bn a coward i am guilty as charged… trust me they will eventually catch up with the drivers his pals will snitch on him .


That idiot will be charged with theft, destruction amongst other charges, he will enjoy being the man of hour but after a while his butt cheeks will pay for his stupidity.

Polisi apana mama yako, hata waiite service kitaeleweka tu

@Randy i want to circumcise you again.We die like men,not like the coward you are

This speaks volumes. … you clearly dont know the meaning of circumcision. Which make think bado uko firimbi:D.

The man just said he want to touch your schtick, I think you should be worried bro :smiley: