Police brutality

Physical violence kwa raia wa kawaida juu jamaa ame overlap,felt like shooting the police hadi raia mwenyewe anatapika damu,surely it’s time like this naweza patia raila kura,police brutality should stop,hii imehappen hapa mombasa near mwembe kwa dreamline stage

Kwani Raila ndie atafanya nini? Police brutality is simply that; siasa kando.

Theres more to it. How can you overlap there. Buses are parked on the side of the road. There is nowhere to overlap and that is town centre.

Two hot slaps is what every overlapper needs.


Why post like you are talking to yourself or with someone who was there. You were shocked yes, but post what transpired coherently.


we have laws to maintain good order in our society. I do not condone any form of brutality on anyone but play your part in maintaining law and order and we shall all have an easy, orderly life. we cannot be crying against impunity yet we support those who break the law, in however a petty way…


hizi ni zile polyshit za klist

I think this is what Kenyans drivers need including pedestrians crossing thika superhighway. Serious brutal beating

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Overlappers, castrated men, dogs, petty thieves and adulterer’s will not see the kingdom of heaven.

Castrated men? :eek:


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Wamebishana ama nini?

@gashwin, nothing frustrates me more than to see a horde of hawkers walking on the Kidero grass and flowers on Uhuru Highway every evening, destroying everything. Why do that? Why do the motorists that buy from them cordon it, in-between complaining that the gava is not doing anything to make Nairobi a world-class city?

I’ll tell you. A stupid media, the evil society and an army of whiners on social media has just about everybody convinced THAT IT’S SOMEBODY ELSE’S DUTY, and NOT self, TO MAKE KENYA BETTER. THAT THE GAVA IS TO BLAME FOR THEIR POVERTY, DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY BREED LIKE RATS, are mostly lazy, and WASTE THEIR MEAGRE RESOURCES ON THINGS LIKE ALCOHOL.

Even the Pope took a dig at this mentality (but the media completely ignored it) when he said that “change should begin with oneself”


Just shut up and attach pic. Otherwise overlapping is crime which deserves hot sweeps.

Those people spend hours standing there trying to ensure everything goes smothly. They are dedicated to making you get to your destination as fast as possible halafu some selfish idiot who thinks yeye ni more important than the rest akitandikwa aonewe huruma? Hakuna.

Deuteronomy 23:1
If a man’s testicles are crushed or his penis is cut off, he may not be admitted to the assembly of the LORD.

Man, you are so going to hell!


Same thing about the France flag on facebook issue. Kenyans, Africans, seem to think it is someone else’s responsibility to tell their stories. We do very little to express ourselves to the world yet when a Western outfit decides to pendeleas a western country’s suffering more than ours watu kama wewe hamuishi kuteta.

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Cops are humans too,they get frustrated with such drivers


Let me give you a like, seems your former… ahem… big boobies is no longer interested.

leo hukusema uhuru is a one term president?nugu hii

There is no shame in liking my intellect so you don’t have to justify it, cecilia. Do you like her?