Police Brutality during Curfew, man killed in TransNzoia

What happened to Kenyan police. Can’t they arrest instead of beating people to death. So painful.


Very soon their is going to be a case or even cases of police getting attacked and killed. Not only are they killing people but also breaking into shops during curfew.

Fuck police

kenyans are the most cowardice and selfish people . hiyo utangoja

In kisumu they had already picked up stones last week when cops were firing tear gas at 4:30 pm. I also saw an agitated mob moving closer to them when they were taking possession of this woman’s watermelons ( and I mean the fruit) imagine all her capital gone and she’s trying to make money at a time like this. They probably ate it once it got to the station

When you are describing anything you use adjectives and not nouns. Cowardly is the adjective, cowardice is the noun.

Sande sana mwalimu . Sasa lala chini nikuchape viboko

Baba Nekesa tulia


OMG. WHAT? Breaking into shops? It’s like a rogue gang. Why have they gotten so out of control?

There’s a guy in KSM who was delivering tear gas to citizens to prepare them to fight police. This country is out of control. 2022 tutajionea majabu.

Wewe haujui ile machungu na ubaya watu wanakuanga nayo kenya hii ata kabla corona ikuje. Kuna possibility hi Corona na hizi ma blander tunaona ziwe the LAST STRAW. Kuna huge masses of hungry young people in urban areas with nothing whatsoever TO LOOSE.

Because the entire
Leadership is out of control.

Its important to remember that PORK and DPORK were actually guilty of those ICC crimes against humanity charges. They only got away by bribery, intimidation and murder of wetnesses.

Those are the kind of pipo in charge alafu before corona (BC) things were just about to get nasty with that BBI sh!t.

This BBI has lost momentum completely. After this Corona near death experience nobody will listen to BBI again. The threat of Death changes peoples priorities. I support baba but I can’t stand BBI talk anymore. We have better priorities in this country.

We ?.. like in…wewe na akina nani ?

The whole reason we were in sh!t even before corona (BC) was upsaidown national priorities.

Infact, this would be the best time for a revolution. :smiley:

Infact, this would be the worst possible time for a revolution.

Saw a guy in tao being whipped like burukenge last night…
He was like

Ua mimi . Ni ueeeeeeee