kobole tena…

I am more interested in knowing why Raila is not in custody for having used peasants as collateral in his quest for ikulu.

huyo akiguzwa nchi haitakalika. hata state house operatives wanajua

I believe also Besigye has many followers but he is always kept on tow … nothing is impossible

Besigye is not in the same league as Raila. Different category of politics.
But in the video above, the policeman is right in what he is saying (although he is flip flapping all over he place).

Let me tell you for free that those guns the police use to intimidate us are as cheap as 10K across the border with valid documentation and only 20k in places such as West Pokot. Go to Uganda even watchmen have guns. When push comes to shove natural selection will have to take its course.

Stop lying to yourself. Jaluo’s would demonstrate for three days, we send them some gsu for proper clobbing then they’d shut up