Pole sana mom ungeolewa na wazungu haya yote hayangekupata

Ladies think twice especially when you go to arrogant psycho senior chimpanzees hata kwa uso anakaa so arrogant. Junguu all the way, Enyewe huyu angeenda mayuu hakuna vile angerudi kwa hii nugu. Pole mom. Mungu atakupea wengine and the devil will be put to shame. Hugs mommy. It shall be well. God is still on the throne. Atakupea wengine wengi.

I have doctor frens in Naks I will get the low down very soon ni vile niko busy kupanga birthday bash ya my loved one. I will get the full copy very soon.


nobody cares whether unapanga birthday ya your loved one ama unasugua hio clit yako imekauka kama omena

99.9% of Kenyan girls are not eligible to marry a mzungu. Mzungu hapendi madiaba. Which to them is any woman weighing more than 50kg.
But dreams can sometimes come true.

Jungus are not also known to like light skinned women. Get the Lupita, Naomi Campbell look and one might just be lucky.
Meanwhile sisi tuko huku na huzuni about the recent murders by a white man.He did not even spare a family friend who had come for a sleep over.:saitan:

Truwoman, utatulia the day you’ll taste a white beast. I fear for you. PNC is real[SIZE=1]:D[/SIZE]

Yeah @TrumanCapote I also fear for you. You’ll be in for a rude shock ile siku utaoa au utaona first hand mtu ameoa mzungu.

You think they’re different na huko ndio kuna stuff like incels who are killing women because those guys could not get sex from women.

Women do not even get that orgasms so PNC doesn’t apply. Thanks but I will take my chances with the white beasts.

So who has married all these white fat women? All of female friends and relatives abroad are married by whites and they have never been thin by any standards, so I don’t know what you are talking about.

Huyu anaga kuma

Huwezi tamani kitu hujawahi ona. All the women I know personally who were once in misery with nugus are too happy with their junguus. They are happy.
Cheki huyu ako Deutschland


Sasa these our monkeys throwing women out of windows are they white. Gimme hao white incel nimezalia triplets uone kama atakua na time ya hio nonsense.

Huyu ni 50kg?


Umeniwekea ama

Part of the 0.01%.

Hata wasomali wamesema…REJECTED!!!

Women do get orgasms. And they also get PNC.

Hehe, you haven’t lived, yet

Give us an example you know. Sio theories coz wewe kwanza nakushuku if you have ever given anyone an orgasms.

I understand you have never gotten one. Wachana na hao waMeru. Sijawai kuwa na mtu na ajapata, 95% of the time.

Mlunje 95% is too high. Maybe 3% btw how do you know if the woman is not faking it to get you off her back?

Coz she asked for it. Not in words, if you know what I mean. 3% is way too low.