Pole results are out!!!!!


So there it is, So I now propose mpunguze threads za hating on Trump to only one thread per day!, majority support him and the second majority do not care!

Poll kumbaff

pole ni za mastripper

Asante kwa kunielemisha. The pole results are now out!

21 votes in total…hebu nikumbushe tuko wangapi (allegedly) kwa hii kijiji?

Hiyo sample size ni negligible

hao wengine clearly don’t give a shit!

How was the 21 in the poll a representative of the whole cluster to the population… I would be much interested in knowing how…

the pole was out there for 24 hours! wataka kusema you never saw it?

I didn’t I missed it somehow…

probably then thats the reason!

:smiley: :smiley: 30 thousand strong.

Very good!

Now, if you really know the meaning of majority, you’ll push that pole gently up your own ass.

Drumpf threads are here to stay alongside American cold cases from the 70s.

it means you guys are pushing unwarranted content to people who do not care. I still propose one thread a day :D:D:cool:

Ndio hii pole ingine @The.Black.Templar. iko pinned hapo juu kwa adverts