Pole as requested by Tycoonews Meria May or Corbyn

take the poll

inaonekana huyo mama atalose, the way she has handled the terror attacks is a contributing factor

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it will be tight. If the young guys who absconded the Brexit vote turn up then she may lose. But it is a close one. Lets wait and see. Don’t know how Corbyn willl handle the Brexit issue since if he wins since they can’t back-peddle on the issue.

I don’t care.

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We see the Independent Candidate, Mr. Idongiveashit take an early lead in today’s poll…,


I’m taking the pole;):wink:


hiyo body shape ya may hunichekesha

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its heavily veined you know, you have to trim the nails to avoid puncturing the pole


Actually she is seen as more tough on security than the opposition. Pale kwa economy ndio ako down

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People here know very little about the positions of Mrs. May and Mr. Corbyn unlike the Hilalry-Trump debacle.


sijafuatilia siasa za England, but may the better candidate win.

Wamama wake jikoni tuko nyuma ya hio Kobe


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