Poko wezi pale Luthuli


you just wasted seconds of a birionea’s life

Sioni Wezi

A silly billionaire who is always camped on Kenyatalk … sex and relationship section …Meffi

fyi i was at work while your lazy ass was still jerking off…am back in my house doing some research then i take my wife to the airport at 1530.
worry not one day you will be like me

Dayum hio ni 4k Video:D:D:D

Empty talk peleka utoto Kilimani Mums


whatever helps you sleep better
peasant meffi

Mongoloid…And for your info I wake up at 3 am every single day not for morning glory but for vision casting…Currently, I am simply interchanging my browsers and tabs

Mueke hapa gari zenu na stamp tujue Nani peasant Nani birrionea. Kama hakuna sketch na coordinates y’all should pipe down matafakas


You have a seriously pathetic phone camera. What phone are you using coz even the cheapest Samsung I can think of has a better camera quality

Hivyo ndo mnakojolea thread. Lakini Lou Tenant wacha kutubeba kama watoi.

Ata mimi

:D:D:D:D takataka

Pambana na hali yako achana na simu za watu


Leaving the airport now. @uwesmake guarana wapi leo

I thought you guys joke about going to sj and brothels huko downtown, kumbe ni kitu serious, LMAO

Ayee @Lou Tenant eka mkokoteni yako Pia wewe:D:D:D