Pokea Salamu

Madame Ssenga says “Hello” … :D:D








She can sit on my face and write coconut.

This woman is scary.

Lakini @rexxsimba chieth uko one post away kama hii from kukula block. Jangili. :D:D:D

What scares You about Her … ???




she looks very creepy sijui nini imenice @rexxsimba

What is “creepy” about her … ??? :D:D


she looks like a realistic mannequin or doll you see in horror movies

wee errant doc usijali, I can bet at the absolute 80% minimum of talkers here behid closed doors somewhere in the wastelands of Marsabit in a nice comfortable lodge watafikisha threshold ya kijiji na hii landwhale. Mpaka T cells watamwaga yote

Huyu mama naweza tombs yeye mbaya sana. Those kalejinga juveniles were joking with her pussy.