Point blank


  1. It’s not anyone else’s job to fix you, so fix

  2. Nothing is perfect.

  3. You are probably definitely going to fail.

  4. You can’t change the past.

  5. Tomorrow doesn’t come for everyone.

  6. Being busy doesn’t mean you are being

  7. You do have the time, stop telling
    everyone that you don’t.


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  1. being stupid will kill you

Rubbish post

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Why is it a rubbish post? Maybe there’s someone who needs that motivation today. Chill.

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Get a life! Dolt

Sure. I am surprised you are still breathing. This idiot likes putting people down and is very negative about life.

Why did you comment on a rubbish post?

Firwa ferking harlot

:D:D:D mere words don’t shake meo_O

Tembeza mkundu dada…

  1. dont waste your time arguing with empty debes

I am the only one negative about life. But most of the others are negative to fellow men, and women for that matter.

  1. Motivation can only get you started, discipline will keep you going even when everything becomes a threat.
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