Since radio stations don’t have any good shows worth listening to on a continuous basis, naona podcasts ni better so i want to find some worth listening to in the mean time,

Do you guys know any ?

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BBC na NPR cannot disappoint you, I’m a science, history and economics nerd, so utanipata
BBC-In our time
NPR-Planet Money
NPR-Revisionist History

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Freakonomics is pretty good, ni almost like to 99% invisible though am trying to find sth more local

I am into podcasts

Snap Judgement.

I choose ALL.


Radio - Most radio stations even those in Kenya are shit. The sound quality stinks and the content isn’t any better.

However, there are radio stations such BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4 that seem to be able to mix Intelligent, honest presentations and entertainment in a very satisfactory manner.

This is not to say all other radio station are not listenable. I use Tune In both in iOS and Android. This app provides tones of radio stations to stream from, ranging from music, News, Casual conversations to comedy. And if you like old time crime radio drama you won’t be lost if you go that way. It even has Radio stations dedicated to non-stop music play from almost every genre.

It also doesn’t consume much data. About, 500 kb/min (at its lowest quality) which isn’t much as an hour of good listening will cost you about 27 Mbs.

It can also act as a podcast listener, but it’s not that good.


Podcasts - The good thing about podcasts is that it marks the liberation of information provision from only corporates and including the voices everyday people.

Podcasts are what radio once was before Maina Kageni, Carol Mutuko and all the other scatterbrains took over.

I love podcasts because of their variety. You can find one for almost any topic.

My favourites podcasts are:

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore history.

From Our Own Correspondent (Plus a wide array of ones by BBB Radio 4)

Planet Money.

Those made by “This American Life”.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History

Various ones by NPR



Music Streaming [/B]- Ever since I discovered cracked Versions of Spotify and Pandora life has been good.

Spotify offers a very wide selection of music, even better than iTunes. The cracked version has unlimited skips, no adds and repeat. The best is the ability to control music from multiple devices.

Pandora is like the genome project for music. It’s a playlist you can stream. Chose an artist/ track and create a station from them and you will get hours of similar music.

Use the cracked version.

It also requires a VPN based in America since it’s limited to that region only.

Ongeza Radiolab kwa hiyo list yako if you’re really the ‘science, history and economics nerd’ - kama bado haujasikiza - Go back in time and listen to their 2010/11 episodes

Isn’t it interesting that Kenya has seen an explosion of radio but no appetite for good talk radio ? Vulgar & vapid tabloid call-in shows is the best we can do ?

Some of my favorites have mentioned above these are other recommends :-

CRIMINAL from Radiotopia

The Economist Radio (All Audio) - The Economist in 5 min bits.

Hidden Brain -NPR Social science in the vein of Kahneman work.

ReSound - This is a real adventure. “is a remix of audio goodness from around the world” Kept me sane when I used to drive deserted rural roads.
They also have one of the smoothest lady hosts ever. Gwen Macsi

Mystery Show - from Gimlet Media - A fun show where this young woman goes down various rabbit holes seeking answers

The Documentary from BBC - has a good show every now and then and some touch on African Issues.

If you want to surprise yourself listen to This Week in Parasitology You’ll learn more than you ever wanted about parasites. If you have a religious/philosophy itch but don’t like being preached at try Krista Tippet’s On Being.

Others I listen to - This American Life, Revisionist History, Freakonomics, Snap Judgement, Planet Money, 99%Invisible …
Occasionally - NY Times Book Review, The New Yorker Fiction Podcast, New Yorker Out Loud, TED Radio Hour, Serial, The Moth, Lore, Modern Love,

Since I listen more to music podcast ever since i found out I didn’t have to suffer through senseless radio shows or hosts, people are just intrigued by short term stories (stuff like scandals among people regardless of who it is) for entertainment so maybe its why radio just became dull.

Is there another podcast like deeper sounds of Nairobi or The My Africa podcast

And yeah tell me more about that cracked spotify thing??? I want to find out if they really have all music in existence

Just download from this link and register.



Thank you guys very much. Thoroughly enjoying podcasts. BBC is outstanding.

NPR-Freakonomics my fav podcast. and also the BBC podcast.

best way to manage your podcast is to use itunes if on PC

Managing podcasts on pc , i think zume and itunes do it both well

Well you could visit savannabeat.com for african podcasts

Well you could visit savannabeat.com for african podcasts