PNU: First Party To Bolt Out Of JAP

Party of National Unity (PNU) secretary-general John Okemwa has assured members that the party is still independent and will field candidates in the 2017 elections.

He has insisted that the party did not dissolve to join the recently launched Jubilee Party.

This comes even after party chairman John Kamama last Friday declared it had dissolved to join Jubilee.

Speaking to the Nation, Mr Okemwa accused Mr Kamama of going against PNU’s national executive committee resolutions.

He said Mr Kamama and Jeremiah Kioni had earlier signed the resolutions that affirmed the party’s stand against the merger.

Mr Okemwa said PNU delegates did not take part in the dissolution since Mr Kamama had sued to bar the national delegates conference on September 9.

“It is disturbing that Mr Kamama could invoke the name of former President Mwai Kibaki in his action.

"The case that he filed with the Political Parties [Disputes] Tribunal is still pending. [The] IEBC and the tribunal have copies of PNU resolutions that state that the party would not merge with Jubilee,” Mr Okemwa said.


He maintained that Mr Kamama was a lone ranger and that [B]PNU would hold a genuine delegates conference on October 28, 2016. [/B]

Boss leo umeamua kila kitu Kamama lazima imulikwe!

where else can they go they will join jubilee after election