PNC phenomenon

I ve come to realize after numerous encounters that fat women cause severe cases of PNC, kwanza when she lays there naked, with lemon looking thighs, that is when you ask yourself what have I done, however thin and slim ladies , unaeza pindua ugonge hadi uchoke, but you’ll never be guilt ridden, I guess this should be a wake up call for elders, if you want any long term sex encounter avoid fat women, @rexxsimba stay away from this thread with your fat women

eh, ushawai kutana na imestunya vizuri, not a landwhale, the coochie is very visible ata akiwa amesimama in a ready to walk position?

ako na wide pussy area you can insert mkiwa both mumesimama. shit, they are not many of them, but they have nice pelvic girth

Banae!! what you’re describing there is either talia oyando ama the ivorian model with a midget boyfriend, women like that are not easy to find

Always go for skinny or medium ladies 24 years and below, mimi kitambo kiasi niliwai kula dem over 30 na ni landwhale, PNC ilinitwanga proper, I got depressed, then she still had the audacity to call me few days later asking me how I am doing

probably was hoping for a resex

Yeah nilimblock tu mara that

Fuck wisely or end up like this guy. Worst PNC in the history of PNCs [ATTACH=full]376954[/ATTACH]

:D:D:D…ulimkausha!!! na venye fat ladies huwa na roho safi.

huyu si alikuwa anakula inlaw?
He was thinking of the repercussions.


i love fat women sex kwanza thunder thighs, cellulite, chubby cute face huniuwa. hizo thighs hufanya ni mbao the whole time ziko naked


Kinyozi toka hapa

Hizo ndio hatari, you’ll die one day of pnc

I once had an encounter with a shiny eye Yule mwenye her body looks like an improper fraction. The sex part was good, her pussy was wetter than the river side :smiley: halafu she knew how to use her vagina muscles. Anyway, ile pnc inilipata I had to fake work so that she leaves.

Tuweke picha ya example ya lemon looking legs. Kijiji inanishangaza

Kuna watu kama uwesmakende hawezi pata PNC ya momo

Fat bitches look good in clothes but horrible naked. Portable bitches not so good in clothes but akivua ni mambo yote.

:D:D:D hii PNC inasumbua wanakijiji

Yeah very true, Kuna kunguru nilipata pale tagged, she was a mini momo,nilipata pnc ya mwaka, yani that feeling is so horrible, it’s like 40minutes of depression on steroids. Never doing fat women ever