Plot i don't want to sell

I need a professional advice from law people or lawyers

My father was selling 6 plots, of which we got an offer of 18 million total.
Now he passed away.
There are 6 agreements done as they were different buyers but came as a community to buy altogether.
He signed 5 of them and one was left and he passed away.
Now after he’s passing i received another offer 22M.
On the agreement its clearly written if i breach the agreement then i return the deposit, which never came on my account,the lawyer has in their account, and pay for damages. Sasa the buyer doesn’t want me to breach kisha the lawyer doesn’t want to cancel the agreement. Its been a month now the lawyer haja fanya kitu… nor send me the damages nor have returned the owners money… the lawyer na buyer they know each other very well.
Sasa what should i do? Sitaki kuwa uzia… and i clearly know without transfer they can’t do anything on the plot.
Na lawyer hasn’t responded anything… eti anasema its a long process… na ni agreement tu…
Any help would be appreciated


Ngoja wakuue utoleewe kwa equations.

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Maneno ya land mkuu ni hatare saidi , make sure you involve the whole community so that nothing happens to you , involve village elders , chief na MCA so that your life is safe


Whoever was selling the plots is dead and so the old agreements are null and void. The plots should be transferred to you before you can sell them.


you sound like a retard to me, utakipata

You will lose the land. Lawyer will claim he transferred funds to your late dad.

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Its a long process. Property go to mother in trust for the kids. It will take time

This is no local community rafiki… they are just business people who came together to buy a plot for their retirement.

If you breach on the agreement between the buyers and your father, be assured that you will be deceased by April next year

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Aaaii naona uko mbali… my friend i have not received any shilling from them… i have joint account with my father. You can’t do anything with an agreement.

Plz provide helpfull comments… ni wewe huwa mnakaa kwa baraza la mugokaa mna comment ovyo ovyo

I was also thinking about this but i needed to confirm this statement of if a person dies does the agreement kweli become null and void?? Niko on process ku tranfer hizo plots on my name till that agreement is null sio?

Mzee has written will. The plot goes to me. Lakini in legality the plot is still my fathers paka niende court to tranfer on my name

Do succession first

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True. Succession kwanza. And never let a lawyer have control of your money. Irreducible minimum should be an escrow account with clear instructions to the bank on how to handle the money.

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If your father had already signed, then you have 3 options:

  1. Proceed with the sale na umeze kiwaruu tu.
  2. Buy from the guys he sold to in order to repossess
  3. Talk with the buyers man to man uwarudishie pesa yao na kainterest kidogo
  4. MOST IMPORTANT chunguza huyo lawyer
    Anything else will cost you through that lawyer in terms of his fee.
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If i do succession si it will be advantage on them, they can say you can now sign on indenture… lets go on with the plot deal. Ama?

But someone has said above if a person is deceased the agreement automatically becomes null.
Hii ni just agreement, the main deed plan na indenture has not been processed.
Kwa agreement ime andikwa if the buyer beaches the agreement the he shall pay for damages and return the deposit(which i never received from the lawyer)

property does not automatically pass to you after death. that’s what lawyer is not telling you. Go through the Succession Act.

Lawyer will complicate everything, and you’ll end up losing the 18 million deal, and no single coin from the buyer offering 22 million

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