Please y'all leave my president erect alone!

Ok, first of all, I didn’t vote for him, but I accept the outcome. Accept and move on. My reason for not bending for him is complicated: I live in Maryland, and this state is faithfully straight! I voted for the ‘other one’, not because I liked her so much, but somehow I figured out that she’d win either the presidency or the popular vote. I’m smart!
Anyway, back to the point: stop making fun of this great country. Look, your politicians are the greatest land grabbers in the world. Well, Donald owns enough properties he doesn’t need any more; he only grabs pies because he doesn’t have one. I believe that’s just common sense; grab what you don’t have. The way I’m looking at it now: Merica is one big py, but most states also swing the other way- and that’s why Donald won. Some of the previous blue states are now red. So either way I knew that we’d be f’d up. Donald, being as smart as he claims to be (because apparently he doesn’t pay taxes- that’s a whole different topic for another day) saw the big opportunity- why grab tens of small p*s while you can just grab the whole country! Smart. Anyway, that’s enough for the day. Let me go grab some lube because I know we’ll be f’d up for the next 4 years by big dks like china, korea, Russia, …

Bingwa veve imeingia ?


Photos of Donald Trump grabbing a p**sy
[SPOILER=“Grab em by”]

Bingwa and his group of Scrotums.

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Ummm… Ever heard of Robert Mugabe?

@Unataka kujua ili?
What about him? Soma history, Mr fossil has never grabbed any land. He owns the whole country, he is the original landowner. He probably owns the whole continent.

Because he grabbed it first.

Kutafuna majani achia mbuzi. Weed is legal.

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Fu*** Media

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Trump tosha…fuck hillary