Please subscribe to this channel for insider info on Corona

Huyu jamaa ako na alot of hidden info but YouTube keeps deleting his videos. So I have been following him keenly, I’ve subscribed. Nikipata notification, I quickly download his video coz YT keeps deleting his videos. He is a doctor and they have an association of doctors getting to the bottom of Corona manenos.


In summary?

Weka Summary

Wako na inside info on covid 19 but they’re being deleted so follow the guy upate 411 especially on vaccine manenos.

Do not dare take the vaccine.

We’re fixed. The govt, employers and schools will require proof of vaccination.

Hapa ni maombi tu… It is a hopeless case because we have stupid junkies in power… and they have taken loans from the masters so they have no choice than accept their authority…

How media is complicit in the Corona Conspiracy