Please share good and affordable web hosting contacts.

Hallo guyz, we’re doing web design and transcription as freelancers and would like your input on commendable web hosting services. Tafadhali. TIA

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Everything under one roof.

Kama hauna much needs and just need a site, use pinnacle hosting. Ni local, cheap and reliable. There are others like truehosting but I had bad experience with their customer service.

Ahsanteni sanA

Nita kufanyia na ksh 3,000 per year
Domain +email+webhosting

Next month ikiisha nikumbushe nikupe biashara.
1st Dec

Natafuta kuhama Safaricom hosting nikipata option with good RAM, CPU, storage capacity and at least 5 subdomains. Oh, and great bandwidth.

sawa kaka, thanks