Please Remind Me, What Do I Always Say About Kenyan Cops?

Oh yeah, they’re D- materials. Most dangerous criminals in this country. Amazingly, the “rogue elements” are always arrested. They’re never sprayed with bullets like the teen criminals whose corpses are gleefully posted on social media.


Detectives have unmasked a gang comprising of seven policemen and two civilians that has been causing havoc in Nairobi, robbing people while disguised as Flying Squad.

The Sleuths said that a police officer they arrested two days ago over abduction and robbery with violence was allegedly a member of the gang.
They alleged that Constable Kelvin Ndosi (force number No. 88724) and other gang members had been involved in many crimes in the city.
The officer was arrested on Sunday morning after he reportedly kidnapped a man in Athi River and demanded a ransom of Sh300,000.[/I]

He had a firearm, which the Flying Squad has established, was assigned to another officer attached to the Parliament Police Station and who has also been arrested. The gun is undergoing ballistic tests to determine whether it has been used in robberies. Detectives from the Flying Squad have been granted 15 days to detain the two officers and a civilian, as further investigations are carried out.

On Monday, the head of the Flying Squad, Mr Musa Yego, said Mr Ndosi was allegedly among the people who abducted the businessman at Delta Petrol Station in Athi River and demanded ransom from his wife.

The businessman’s wife reported that her husband was bundled into a black Subaru car, registration number KBP 464Z, by four people who identified themselves as police officers.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations arrested Mr Ndosi and the other officer after the gang had taken the victim to Kayole and then to Shell Petrol Station in Ruiru, where they called the victim’s wife demanding money.

Two other police officers and two civilians reportedly escaped the dragnet in a police vehicle.

Constable Ndosi was a month ago arrested for reportedly robbing a Mali citizen, Mr Bathily Abdoulaye, at his residence in Kilimani, Nairobi. The officer was interdicted after the incident.

Hehehe, nigga was interdicted after committing a robbery. No charges. Isorait.
This is a police force that is proud of always being crowned the most corrupt organization in the country.
The day they lose the number one spot, I’m sure they will protest vehemently.
“Hiyo trophy ya corruption ni yetu, hatutakubali. By the way hatutakubali. We’re putting Transparency International on notice. If the crown is not returned to us we will file charges against this organization. Awarding the “most corrupt organization in Kenya” title to any entity other than the Kenya Police is the height of impunity and fraud. No stone will be left unturned in our pursuit of justice.”

Fucking D- materials.

Not all cops are D- material

If they do nothing about the “few rotten apples” that give the force a bad name, wote ni stupid ngamia.

One thing you forget most of these D- ni kutoka ushagoo deep kabisa ya Samburu etc which just makes it so much worse. At least D- wa Nairobi is street smart and you can reason with him but D- wa shagz hukuwa very weird characters.

in my eyes @pamba ni mafwi ya umbwa ilidedi last year

It can be differentiated further…D- ya Kimilili eg @uwesmake is difficult to reason with in comparison with a D- from Kiambu eg @Kihii Kiaganu

Yah you get the flow dude

It was not about the flow…the gradient was too easy. You,on the other hand,missed my flow

Unasema nini sasa

Hakuna. Just wanted to sound clever…

Ngombe ya mungich, kama ungepeleka hio A+ yako kiganjo, saa hii police force ingekuwa imeimprove. Sadly though uliachia bro yako D- aingie huko… Alfu unakuja kulialia hapa…coooBUFFF!!!

Kazi yenye interview ni kuhesabiwa meno na kuenda 800 metres itakuwa tricky kiasi. Kitumi huchukia ni double standards, vijana wanalishwa copper bila second thought but makarao wenzao wakipatikana wakicommit crime wanaachiliwa ndio waendelee na ujambazi.

They are d - materials untill you need them…

It’s a known fact that Kenya police only “help” when there’s something in it for them. If its not “elfu moja ya mafuta”, they’ll extort thousands or even millions of shillings from you so your case can be expedited…which still makes them criminals.
I know members of the disciplined forces in this forum hate it when I call them D- materials, but it is what it is. D- does not necessarily refer to academic failure but to the way they’ve allowed mediocrity to entrench itself in the force(s).

Wewe akili minji, you sound too narrow-minded or bitter or a serial complainer who sees no good in anything. Again you lack facts, for 1, if a police officer or rather an interdicted police officer is implicated in several robbery cases, trust me; he’s dealt with by the sleuths, the hessy way. 2. You pea brain tells you ati police wote ni D- material, do something stupid like kina Obado n Jowie ndio ujue hujui. Ng’ombe ya mwitu wewe

Afande tulia…ngoja ambishane na sheria ndo umuonyeshe hajui…:D:D

Hehehe, typical reply from a D- material. Ati he’s dealt with Hessy style. I’m yet to see that Hessy splashing photos of dead ex-cops on social media like he does Kayole youth. Instead they’re “interdicted” then allowed to keep committing crime. Jowie and Obado’s cases are so obvious that police had to get involved. Those are the kind of cases they use to hoodwink Kenyans that they’re working, while renting out their guns to criminals and arresting and extorting innocent Kenyans. Anyone with half a brain can handle the two cases.