Please Mr or Ms @smith stop dming me whatever you have to say to me can be said here

@administrator is it in order for a faggot to insult women then come back to complain that I am cyber bullying him?

FYI homosexuality is completely illegal in Kenya. If today you are busted having anal sex with @Agwambo or he posts your video, DCI will come for you. You have a big problem but instead of seeking help from pastors and counsellers you are busy insulting women, my fren if you are looking for a new boyfriend don’t use women as your scapegoat.

You want men to look down on women like your boyfriend @Nyadist to get a new sex partner bcz you get people change partners more than panties.

You come out clearly that I am looking for a new man to open my boot leave innocent women out of your hunt for decks. If you won’t stop cyber bullying women I will also not stop telling you that faeces should not share the same area with a sex act. You can get cancer. Is telling you the truth cyber bullying in the end you will get AIDS mark my words.

Remove the log in your eye before pointing fingers to women. Please leave women alone, you can only sleep with men so pili pili usioila inakuwasha kwa nini you focus on the men who deek you in the ass and forget about women. @Agwambo pick your boyfriend it seems he needs your nini up his nini.

As long as you disrespect women, don’t expect any respect for your homosexual ass, infact you are lucky I’ve not insulted your mother bcz maybe you were molested that’s why you are gey. Please avoid this lifestyle it will end badly. Don’t be deceived by anyone.


How did this beef start …??? :D:D

apparently the raging homosexual aliingia dms.

@Smith_ = @TrumanCapote

He was busy criticizing women and I simply asked him what a homosexual man is doing criticizing women. After all women arenot his cup of tea, why criticize them?

Looks like something’s going on. You have 4 threads on the same thing.

@TrumanCapote ni postmenopause malaya takataka , kuma baridi

Niko nyuma yako kapantie,maliza hio shoga takataka

Burn all Chichi man’s huku ktalk @MajorProphet @kanguthu @Thirimaii

wacha akujifanya, tunajua ni handle yako. kwenda uza matako soko mujinga ya shimalavandu

Mwizi sugu usiwai ni quote. Quote baba yako @Swansea na umpeleke akakatwe prepuce pale Mama Lucy penye huwa unaenda kutibiwa gunshot wounds

Fair enough … :D:D

@administrator and @Electronics4u kindly rescue me from the claws of @TrumanCapote .All i have done the past few months is to ignore her but she keeps tagging me in her IQ lowering threads.Kindly do something before i take matters in my bare hands.

Beef ilianza hapa. I think she felt offended by his comments about women aging poorly.