Please men stop raping us, say men, women and children who have been raped by men

Looks like Tuco has joined me in negativity but ukweli mchungu lazima use we regardless. Men are being raped, women are being raped and children are being raped daily. Let all people of goodwill stand up against rape Culture in our society.

A woman raped me yesterday where should I report?

This is not a joking matter nani. Don’t joke about such things least the devil answers your prayers and you are sodomised by gang of rapists around town

Wacha nivae mask huku nyuma basi

They’re tired of raping children and women. They are now on men. A cop told me a story of a young couple from UON in Tao during late hours. They were accosted by a gang of young men in an isolated place . The leader of the group after robbing them asked the guy, wewe ndio unajiona mwanaume wa kutembeza madame usiku Tao. They gang raped the guy all 25 of them as the girl watched in horror waiting her turn. They never touched her. So wewe omba tuu. The devil answers wishes and prayers but don’t commit suicide if it happens to you I hear that the guy and most guys who are gang raped commit suicide. Men are not as strong as women. Most don’t recover from rape.

Hata wewe niambie mtu aingize mahali inakuanga sacred!! Heri ya wanawake imezoea

Just another case of women trying to play the victim off the suffering of others.
Stop looking for empty reasons to blame men and learn to protect yourselves from dangerous situations.
After all women also molest and rape men and underage boys, should we also start telling women to stop raping and sexually harassing us?

Hata picha ya ob number hatujakataa