Please If You Are Poor Dont Commit Crime

So from now until May 6th- 17th when the late Sharon and baby Sharon case will be heard, Obado will be enjoying his freedom while his honchos n spanner boys Oyamo and Obiero will spend Christmas in jail. I can also foresee Jackie Maribe getting bail while Jowie doesnt and trial date is set for late next year. Guys if you are not the who is who in the 254 FUATA SHERIA.

Garissa Governor Ali Korane was arrested for attempted murder. Hiyo maneno iliendang’a aje?

Hii mambo umejua Leo?

Wananinchi walisahau kitaaambo.

Kidero pia kesi yake ni 2019, but the Kamba guy, Daudi Nzomo caught on camera battering his wife was arrested and sentenced the same week…12 years.

Ati the reason Justice Lessit is denying Caspal Obiero and Oyamo bail has been denied and Obando’s accepted is because Obado’s case is based on CONJECTURE!!! Huyu jamaa,he’s getting away with this murder. Has the meaning of conjecture changed ama? Was he not at the scene of the crime at the time the crime was commited? Wasnt he against Sharon the late having his baby imputing motive? Was he not in touch with Oduoor and Sharon on the fateful night luring them to their death by claiming that he’s waiting to meet them? Can a lawyer explain to me what this word CONJECTURE mean?

So if I am connected I can break laws? Fuck you!

Idris Mukhtar’s dad claims that Korani has sent emissaries from his clan to that of Mukhtar’s seeking an out of court settlement. Otherwise those who were the key witness including the late Mwai -the hitman and the kikuyu lady who connected Mwai to do the hit plus Mwais wife have disappeared. Without witness how does DPP maintain a charge of (attempted) murder ? Korani was a PC during Moi era he understands all the loopholes in the law which he has seriously exploited. Further to that DPP Hajj belongs to the same clan as Korani.

You just want me to block you sio? Sawa boss. Gooodbye!

Don’t burst a vein over this issue.

At the top leadership we have UhuRuto who were accused of the most heinous crimes imaginable. They did all they could and subverted justice.

If a fish is rotten, it’s rotten from the head down. And life will go on until the next scandal.

ulikuwa unataka wawe jailed without evidence?ukikuja holiday nitamake sure tumemeet ndio nijaribu kureason na wewe nikitumia reasonable force

You know life’s fairness is skewed. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

This is a miscarriage of justice. You have a clear motive to kill someone like Korani,like Obado then people whom you paid/sent to do your bidding end up in jail while you walk away scott free? I mean in PEV of 2007 the foot soldiers were never arrested so everybody got away with it sio UhuRuto and Sang pekee yao. Its just like ile case ya the boys who got into alteracation at a pub then one boy calls his friend a cop who end up killing the other boy then the cop ends up in jail but the boy who instigated the whole thing, being from a wealthy family,is acquitted at court of appeal. Folks lets noot kid ourselves, in Kenya the more things change,the more they stay the same. Theres different set of rules for the mighty and for the rest of the populace. Just ask Chomodeley.

5 days ago ALL suspects in the Idriss Mukhtar’s case were freed on bond despite mysterious death and disappearances of key witness in the case. So this one just forget it.

According to our source who sought anonymity, Mukhtar is described as a thorn in the flesh for governors who find avenues to squander public money. Having worked with the former governor Nathfi Jama he would call Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate him.
“Now that their tribe got the Governorship seat he thought he will get all he wanted that he missed previously. Korane knew his problems and avoided him so much. Then Idris after realising that he has been ignored, he went to CBK and extracted all the transactions of the county which could tarnish Koranes name and further being prosecuted for misusing county funds,” .

The governor got tired of Mukhtar and dismissed him. He filed a case against the county government and the court awarded him Ksh50 million for unfair dismissal.The Governor while knowing the intentions of Mukhtar decided to hire hitmen with the help of Fafi Mp Abdikarim Osman to finish him before he leaks his top secrets which could bring him down immediately. He paid the hitmen an undisclosed amount, and the deal was sealed. It was time for Mukhtar to die.

A mistake however happened at this juncture. The hitmen wanted more money. They approached Mukhtar asking for money in order to spare his life. Mukhtar was not going to bow, and he vowed that he won’t give out any coin to avert his death.
He instead recorded a statement with the police about his imminent death, implicating governor Korane.
That is what led to the August 23 incidence at at Hurlingam mosque. The hitmen decided to complete their mission. He (hitman) fired his gun three times towards Mukhtar’s car, who was seated on the drivers seat as per the CCTV footage. Luckily for Mukhtar (and unluckily for the killers) he did not die on the spot. He was rushed to a Nairobi hospital where he is recuperating in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
Later, three men believed to be hired assassins were arrested (one was governor Korane’s cousin) and vehicle that was allegedly used impounded at a garage in Ngara. The vehicle had been repainted and the registration numbers changed.

People who have worked with Korane say that he is a close ally and mentee of Abdi Illey who was recently arrested by Ethiopian Government for committing crimes against humanity. Illey is the former regional president of ONLF Government in Ethiopia. He finished those who opposed his government both in Kenya and Ethiopia.


A Chief Magistrate’s court in Nairobi has upheld its decision to release two suspects accused of the attempted murder of former finance executive officer in Garissa County on bail.
Mohamud Hussein Aden and Juliet Charity Njoki who had been granted a cash bail of Sh 500,000 were charged with the attempted murder of Mukhtar and conspiracy to murder his lawyer Charles Kanjama.
Kanjama had moved to the High Court seeking suspension of the order releasing the accused persons on bail on grounds that the trial court had failed to consider some of the issues raised in opposing bail.
While delivering the ruling, Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi said that there was nothing in the comprehensive probation report to make him deny the two bail.
The court heard that the two attempted to cause the death of Mukhtar by shooting him on the head in Kileleshwa, Nairobi.
[SIZE=6]Release on bail suspended[/SIZE]
Kanjama and the family rejected the probation report and moved to the High Court on grounds that serious issues of consideration that should guide the court in determining the bail application were not considered.
Justice Grace Ngenye temporarily suspended the order temporarily and directed that a comprehensive probation report be tabled before the trial court in two weeks.
The applicants were requesting that the suspects remain in custody until the other suspects are arrested, investigations are completed and key witnesses testify.
The issues in contested included whether the accused persons are husband and wife since the police allege that they have been staying together in Garissa County, whether he is a county employee as it is alleged he is the security consultant of Governor Ali Korane; whether it is true Aden resides in Machakos County with a wife and three children, whether they are at flight risk, Njoki having been residing in Oman for several years among others.
The applicants had argued that Aden, an ex-military is at flight risk as there are alleges plans to help him cross over the Somali border and make him Somali National.
In the comprehensive report, a letter from Garissa County shows that Aden is not an employee of the County.
It was the court’s decision that his misconduct in the army cannot hold in this case as army matters are dealt with in a different manner.
[SIZE=6]Probation report findings[/SIZE]
It was also confirmed Aden, his wife and children have been staying in their house in Machakos for over 15 years.
The court also heard his wife has been operating a shop in the area which has since been closed because people keep questioning the wife over the issue since it was highlighted in the media.
It was further established that Njoki does not refute allegations that she is in a relationship with the Aden. However, the court noted that there was no evidence to show the same since the even her family even aware of it.
On the other side, Aden is did show documents (marriage and birth certificate) to confirm that he is married with children.
She requested to be releases on bail saying that her family can protect her and even find alternative residence for her.
Magistrate Andayi also said that “according to the probation report, it has not been established that Aden is a security consultant of the Governor.”
He went ahead to say that “even if he was, it was not shown how this will impact the case.
Upon depositing the bail, the magistrate further ordered the two to provide two contact persons each who would ensure they attend court. He also directed them to deposit their passport or any other travel documents in court.
The case will bewntioned on 2nd November to confirm supply of documents and witness statement to the defense.

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Dennis Itumbi hugs Jacque Maribe ahead of her bail plea alongside fiance Joseph Irungu in Monica Kimani murder case.
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Obado ! A reason why you should never commit suicide…



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