Please do not pass accident victims on the road

Guys I came across a story of a young husband and father 24yo who lost his dear wife on Thika Road near KU foot Bridge he says that people who stopped were taking photos instead of helping him, his daughter who looks below 4 also got injured.

Guys, please if you come across an accident don’t pass. Let me give you a real life story of my former boss who almost lost his daughter via an accident. He was traveling and passed an accident on Nakuru highway believe it or not his only daughter, he has 2 kids was the only critically wounded passenger. She was in Kabarak uni and went out with friends. Actually it’s a good Samaritan who took her phone and called her dad otherwise she could have died. She was in ICU for weeks. We had a prayer chain and a rota for visiting and praying for her, she pulled through and is as good as new.

My point is that lives can be saved if we help accident victims on time. Also if your car breaks down put the hazard sign or even some branches especially at night. Let’s avoid unnecessary speeding because braking is harder the higher the speed.

Let’s be our brothers keepers and do to others what we want done to us. Even if the people injured are unable to repay you God will reward you. There’s no hurry especially at night, just drive slowly you will still get to your destination instead of rushing to end up in an accident. Worse than all this, don’t drink and drive. You are impaired. Just take a taxi please. Sleep it off. Return and pick your car the next day. Life is very precious. You can not have survived Corona to die because wrecklessness on the road.

Here is the story.

By now most people are drunk to the heights. I remember one Christmas chauffeuring home family members at 3:30 in the morning. I was a passenger since I was 14 with my cousin on the wheel. That car was all over the place. I was the one giving directions on centering the vehicle. We almost run through a few roundabouts. I still wonder why I didnt drive.

[QUOTE="Simiyu22, post: 3049203, member: 3129"I was 14 with my cousin on the wheel. That car was all over the place. I still wonder why I didnt drive.[/QUOTE]

Eh!!! Omwami Simiyu. You were 14. That is why you could not drive

Wengine by standard 5 we could drive.

Truman ka-umbwa niaje beb

Hii ngombe ilivaa seatbelt lakini could not instruct the wife and kid to do the same. Ningekuwa hapo ningemwekelea ma slaps ashangae, acha hivyo inalia hapo kama mbuzi. Ghaseer sana!

Ghasia oa kapondi uwache hii upuzi ya MGTOW. Huyu ni mama swafiii. Kitu unapewa roho Safi.

Mama ako swafii lakini ni muzee. She is currently undergoing vaginal atrophy, yaani kuma inapotelea na huko ndani

Mchukuwe for the sake of sanity Kwa hii kijiji. Huyu unampiga njuang’aaaa anarudi kuwa Sawa.