Please discuss and elucidate....How can this happen?

Si hii ni kubebwa ufala.But because she shares the name with @langatkipro he will hear nor see evil about this.



This is a brarrefakin post …work hard, buy votes, hata wewe enda ukule …hii wivu haikusaidii nanii

Ask the country’s CEO how the company is not stopping corruption coz pesa inapotea ovyo na yeye ndiye ceo… is this how a company should be run ? Deputy is a thief too …


Being a holiday tomorrow sijui to celebrate what,nitakuletea nyama ya nguruwe

Mtado? Kenyans voted for these people and they’ll vote for them again no matter how much they steal. Get rich or leave the country. Those are your only options.

Samehea this face for now,I think someone else is answerable for this mess

Kwani gari yake inatumia rocket fuel?

Here she is.

Here are her best friends.
Kinoti, Haji and

Hiyo mazematics ya Koech haingiani lakini?

I would like to hear what she has to say about this.

Wacha na hesabu look at the figures captured

Yes those figures are preposterous to say the least!
Translates to over 100k per day!!!

Mahali haingiani ni ati a Prado does 100Km na 8 litres. I think its supposed to be 8KM per litre. but those figures yenyewe are humongous.

What do these women Rep do anyway apart from shouting on TV when one of them is clobbered by the police.