Please come here @Tommy Lee Sparta

@timo… pls come hia and stop my tears. I just had a convo with my Mum which we do every sunday and she told me Dave one of the Kigwaru Inn owners passed on? I am sure you know about it! To say I am sad/devastated is beyond measure! I can’t for the life of me picture Dave gone. I cannot. Each time I surfaced with my ngeos…he would condone our area…I am devastated.

Ontop of that she told me a guy in his crew known as Mohammed hapo near kwa Masista/Shathay was murdered/knifed as he entered his digs.

No no no…pls do not tell me you are still sobering up. This is too much for us. I cannot see Kigwaru without Dave.

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Pole. But maybe unafeel guilty juu alikuomba kibwenye ukakatalia.

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The inbox was invented for a reason. Pole lakini


No Byro…he begged from my older Sista back in the day. Not me and my ngeos. He treated us with utmost respect. Aiii pombe naona tuwache.


Use the inbox more often then we will not know about your woes. But thanks for the condolence.

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Insecurity in muchatha is a serious issue , im sad !
Nasikia waititu is heading there . Leaders and the local must hold barazas and come up with strategies , together with security forces, how I miss RAMBO !


ni kweli dave died,ata simu hachukui

Mum is in Mushatha now as we speak criss crossing between Mashakayas. Mohammed was stabbed at his gate and nada was stolen. Just knifed she said.

He is gone.


Thought Kenya is heaven on earth. TANO TENA. @Miss Finest Wine pole kwa msiba.


Thanks Swansea. This is epic. 2 big dons in that region. I don’t want to speculate much but both deaths have alcohol veiled ishus around them. Ni fombe tutawacha.

Haijah! I know the place guys used to call ‘kwa Mohammed’ kwa matatu… Is that the guy?
All those places kina kigwaru inn kumbe unazijua pia.
Poleni sana for the loss…

kumbe hata wewe unajua enzi za chief Mbugua aka Rambo…

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Yes darl…hapo kwa Masista. Route 106. You know I do both routes…kule 108/107 but this time mazishis are in 106.

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poleni watu wa Kigwaru.

Do you have to introduce politics into everything? This is retarded honestly.


The village is in mourning. But the dudes were well known beyond the region. They belonged to one Jubilee local chama which is why I know them sooooo well. A big massive loss to Kiambaa in general. If you know them, you must know kina Mungai Kagona, his bro Gitau, Ernest Gatoru…Eva Kigathi…Andrew Thiong’o…Pat Kiarie… Amalia Mbugua, The younger Koinanges, Dennis hapo Bano…the Kinetes,

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Niliona nika ignore. The deaths are alcohol related! but ignorance is bliss. Regardless wameenda.

Namtabua na walifanye kazi
Pole kwa wenye nyumba zao zilichomeka hapo kiambia