Which institute in kenya trains in PLC and Scada? Any leads will be highly appreciated.

Then rig your mancave with good machines for practice.

Which are?

International Energy Technic(IET)

PLCs, HMI, VFDs, Motors, Sensors etc.

I guess he’s doing Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Malayaaa tombwa ulale fala

Are there any jobs for those wamefanya hii course Instrumentation and Control engineering pale Egerton Njoro?

Forrowing, I have buddies we were the same year waliifanya na iliwakalia sana

As soon you get that degree, please forget all that they tought you in that school.
Welcome to the real world, choose a popular brand, simemens ,Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi etc die with it. YouTube,forums, etc,. Make sure you have your own PC, and software.
Practice, practice, practice, almost all have virtual environment for simulation